Finish the Book

Or, as a million billion writers say by way of advice: “keep writing.”


Part of life lately has included delving into the world of freelance writing. I can (and still do) graphic design and website work, but although the last many years of my life have included those things, I’m not actually trained in either graphic design or web design. It’s all self-taught.

What I am trained (and educated, and experienced) in is writing. So it made sense to me to take what I’ve had a ton of experience in, working for private companies, and a ton of education in and make a go of it as a freelancer.

The most interesting thing thus far is dealing with the lack of external deadlines and direction. My preferred method of work is for someone to tell me what they want, when they want it, and then leave me alone until it’s done. Now I get to decide what I write, and I’m writing uninterrupted, but there’s no when decided for me!

Everything I’ve read/studied/heard about freelance writing says that it’s hard. Rejection comes often, and the work is a grind in every sense of the word. But then I’ve also heard that if you love writing (and I do) that it’s worth it.

So here I go! And if you know of any blogs or magazines or businesses who could use a good writer for some good content, let me know. 🙂

Adventure Cat

The cat, who has been a family member for almost 8 years, has always been an indoor cat. She rarely ventures near DOORS, nevermind outside.

At least, until we moved to this city. NOW the cat has decided, at eight years old, that she belongs outside.

adventure cat |

We’re still figuring it out. She’s not actually great at doing anything outside other than rolling on hot cement and hiding out under the one bush in the front yard.