Do Your Job

Aka: How to shut up and keep a paycheck.


Work kicked my butt last week, figuratively and literally.

There was a giant event that was 100% my responsibility to plan, execute, and run. And, while I have done this kind of thing before, it was the first time with this group – as they continuously reminded me. Unlike previous experiences, this group is mostly a lot of type-A micro-managers.

by Evil Erin on Flickr
{image by Flickr user Evil Erin}


Several times during the last two weeks I was reminded of an old family-favorite story of a certain blue-collar fella’ who spoke some truth during a post-event celebration at a local bar. This guy was way past the “work appropriate filter” stage, so when someone mentioned the reigning supervisor, we all got this gem in response:

Oh he is SO a boss-and-not-a-leader.

So-a-boss-and-not-a-leader has become a catchphrase in my family. It’s a way to communicate someone who is happy to be in charge, with the power and accolades that come with being the boss. At the same time, it describes someone who avoids getting their hands dirty, avoids the hard decisions, and generally fails to inspire.

For myself, I tried hard to be a leader. Worked my tail off, got down and dirty. Delegated appropriately without standing around watching others work. On more than one occasion in the last 24 hours I had to bite the crap out of my tongue to avoid verbal attacks. It’s tough to maintain a “respectful” presence when you’re tired, sick, and frustrated.

Doable, though. I know because I did it.

The event went well – smoothly and without any major hitch. All the bosses were pleased. I had some valuable learning experiences I can use going forward, including some humbling moments. Always tough to realize I’m not *quite* as incredible as I secretly believe myself to be.

All told, the event was a definite, solid WIN for me. I don’t celebrate those enough. So this post it an attempt to do that in some way: document the difficulty, document the win.

Today I’m sequestered in my living room with some serious respiratory issues, glad I didn’t mic drop and quit my job mid-week last week. A steady income is a glorious thing. Paid sick days are also wonderful.

It turned out okay. I didn’t die.


by kitty.green66 on Flickr
{image by kitty.green66 on Flickr}

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