Baby, This Place is Cold


(Snow on the mountain caps!)

I do love that classic Christmas duet, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a version that I didn’t enjoy.

After growing up in the cold, we lived in a warm climate for eight years. Now, while we’re not back in a land of snow and ice, we are in a multilatitude arid desert zone, meaning hot in the summer, cold in the winter. There’s not a ton of precipitation (either rain or snow) but the temperatures get extreme.

snowflake on my windshield |
That’s a snowflake on my windshield. I’ll get better at taking these kinds of pictures. Right now I’m out of practice.

In the last 24 hours I’ve seen flurries and the overnight temp dipped below freezing. Those words seem unimpressive but I haven’t lived in snow flurry land in almost a decade! I felt like a kid in her first snow.

I’m looking forward to the “winter” months in this new climate. It will be a good adventure.


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