Back to Work Hardcore

I’ve been working my little buns off lately. It’s interesting to be in a place where I have close to ten years work experience under my belt and am a bit of a badass when it comes to my job. Definitely not the best but not the worst, either. And I’m pretty good at delivering.

Amazing how much a change in scenery can do for the ol’ self-confidence. It’s not a rainbow unicorn or anything, but it’s a good job for good people and I’m good at it.

That’s good.

Weekends are now my “creative” time, since the week is literally filled to the brim with work and life-around-work. At least a few hours every weekend I hole myself up in the “office,” which is really just a giant craft room, and make something. Usually doesn’t amount to much but it keeps me happy.

I’ve been trying to convert some of the sketches I did earlier this year into digital art to put on Etsy. A few have made it. Mostly I don’t have the patience to re-draw things in the computer. I already drew them once! ADHD! Moving on to new crafts! But I’m trying.

I’d also like to get back onto recording and posting regular podcasts. I was doing one with a friend and one where I read short stories. I’ve neglected that little corner of my universe and I miss it.

K, bye!


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