New Lights, Big City

We have successfully made the move from the middle of nowhere to the “big city” of El Paso, Texas.  


There’s a trail into the foothills (of the mountain range that splits the city) RIGHT around the corner from our house. The dogs and I have been out walking almost every day. We meet the sun in the morning or watch it set at night. Some desert lizards have had a bad time of it but otherwise it’s kind of like hiking near the edge of heaven. 

We have HUNDREDS of restaurants within 15 minutes. Eating dinner at home is a real challenge! After living years with Applebee’s as our ONLY choice for dinner, we are overcome with food-happiness. 

Our house is one of those things I’m scared to love too hard. It’s that good. Above is a picture of an outlet IN THE BATHROOM. First, we have three bathrooms. Second, they all have outlets. I can dry my hair right there! LAP. OF. LUXURY. 

In all seriousness this house is nicer than we expected. This is the kind of house we expected to be in as we approached our 50s. It’s surreal every time I drive up and realize the house is ours. 

New job is just so good. I’m the creative one, the square peg, the “outside the box” person, which delights me to no end. And I get to do that in an industry that I LOVE, that makes so much sense to me, and that I appreciate on an intellectual level. It’s outstanding. I’m only three days in and I am sure of the fact that it’s outstanding. 

Overall, things are awesomely excellent at the moment. Just wanted to share. 


*Posted from my phone. 


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