Moving Right Along


My last post was about moving, or changes leading up to moving. We’ve been living in the same general area of Texas for almost eight years and we are suddenly on our last 30 days. This time next month we will be living far away, in a new house and a new city, unpacking and prepping for our first days at our new jobs.

That’s right, I got a GREAT job! The offer, like everything else about this move, happened kind of suddenly and all at once. In less than a week I went from submitting one or two resumes a day and hearing back from NO ONE to being 100% employed. The interim included a phone interview, a day’s drive, two flights, frantic shopping for some professional garb, and a joyous job offer.

In just a few short weeks so many good things have happened! Hubs got an outstanding lateral transfer, we sold our house in DAYS, we found an outstanding house to buy in our new city, and I got an incredible job. Holy smokes! SO MUCH GOOD!

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It’s getting to the point now where I am starting to be anxious that something needs to go wrong. Everything has gone so smoothly and just so WELL for us that I am getting that suspenseful feeling you sometimes get during movies: “Things are going too well for these people; something BAD is going to happen!” In my head, I know it’s an unrealistic fear, but my emotions are another story. I’m absolutely not used to so much going so right in such a short amount of time. I really don’t know how to handle it!

What an excellent thing to type. Things are going so well that it’s starting to feel unreal. THAT is something to remember and hold on to.

Just wanted to share the good news, and somehow mark this excellent season in our life. Wahoo!!



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