Hand Lettering

Hand Lettered Quotations | SundriedTomatoe.Wordpress.com

I’ve been hitting the hand-lettering thing pretty hard lately. It’s something I’ve been fascinated with for a while and seemed like a good combination of my ability to sketch out little things and my love for rules, regulations, precise measurements.

Hand Lettered Quotations | SundriedTomatoe.Wordpress.com

My “drawing” skills aren’t (historically) anything incredible – I can doodle out a monster or a daisy. But I don’t find myself struck by any kind of inspiration in terms of drawing on a regular basis. It’s not my thing – I can’t really handle the OPENNESS of a blank page and the limitless possibilities of being able to draw anything – that’s overwhelming to me. I need limits.

Gotta’ have boundaries to push. 🙂

Hand Lettered Quotations | SundriedTomatoe.Wordpress.com

So last month I read this thing about a 100 days challenge, where participants make a thing a day for 100 days. It could be whatever they wanted, just something that required work/effort and had a tangible product. I chose to do 100 days of hand-lettering quotations. I love quotations … I love them. Combining my love for quotes with my desire to get better at hand-lettering seemed like a win win.

Hand Lettered Quotations | SundriedTomatoe.Wordpress.com

Thus far, 30+ illustrations in, I’m loving the challenge. I had some catch-up to do at the front end because I started a few days late. And that was actually a good thing because it got me comfortable with eyeballing a page, trying out whatever I wanted (rather than worrying if it was the PERFECT typeface) and just generally put me “in with both feet” if you know what I mean.

Hand Lettered Quotations | SundriedTomatoe.Wordpress.com

Part of what is so nice about this little challenge is that I find myself looking forward to it. There’s no feeling of “ugh I have to get that done before I go to sleep.” Illustrating these quotes is 30 minutes of my day that I look forward to. I really like the combination of precision and imagination that comes with illustrating letters – the precision of lines and curves that comes with any typeface, and the necessary inclusion of imagination to make the words beautiful and creative and fun to look at.

Hand Lettered Quotations | SundriedTomatoe.Wordpress.com

Anyway, it’s fun, and I’m getting better at it just from doing it every day. (My phone-photo editing skills are also getting better. 🙂 )

I thought I’d share.

Hand Lettered Quotations | SundriedTomatoe.Wordpress.com

The project is called the 100 Day Project and you can join in any time. It’s got a robust, active community that shares their daily “makes” and encourages one another on Instagram.

Hand Lettered Quotations | SundriedTomatoe.Wordpress.com


3 thoughts on “Hand Lettering”

    1. Thanks! I’m loving it WAY more than I thought I would. At this point I hope it becomes a part of my daily routine for a good long time after the 100 days.

      1. That’s exactly what happened with my 100 happy day photo routine, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you 100 days turns into a longer activity. If it brings you happiness and satisfaction, I say keep it going. 🙂

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