Easter Eggs – A Cooking Adventure

We generally don’t celebrate much for Easter – no family nearby and it’s one holiday where families with kids tend to rule. It’s kind of like kids’ birthday parties – unless you HAVE kids you may not get an invite to the festivities. Some years we spend Easter watching a hunt at someone’s house and some years it’s a nice quiet day curled up watching movies.

This year Hubs suggested a Cooking Adventure. We haven’t had one in a while and he had some good ideas. He wanted to give Bangers and Mash a good try with a twist (sweet potatoes instead of white) and he suggested I give Scotched Eggs another go.

I did try them once before but the combined culinary challenges of a perfect softboiled egg AND a thoroughly cooked meaty casing were too much for me. They came out either overcooked or raw near the egg. And then they were very… substantial. They needed something to lighten them up a bit.

This time around, victory. Recipes are at the bottom but before you leave, some things I did this time that made a difference.

Candy thermometer in the oil keeping things right around 325F. Thankfully, we have a gas range, so temp adjustments are painless. This also meant that the meat mixture sat to room temp before frying so it didn’t bring the temp down too much. ALSO meant waiting a bit between each “egg” fry. When they came out of the oil they rested on a rack for a while.

VERY attentive to time-in-oil. It was one “egg” at a time, and they were in for six minutes – no more or less. This time was totally arbitrary, apparently… I can’t find evidence of it anywhere in the recipes I saved. Maybe I just had “six minutes” on the brain because of the time it took to boil the REAL eggs (see below).

Soft boiled eggs went in boiling water, simmered for exactly 6 minutes, then went straight into an ice bath for at least 15 minutes. According the Internet this is THE WAY to do soft boiled eggs that are cooked well AND will also peel without dying a terrible, crater-filled egg death.

BAKED the fried “eggs” for an additional 10 minutes at 350F which solved the issue with the whole “raw inside” thing. After they were all fried and drained I popped them on a baking sheet and into the oven for a bit to cook through.

HOLLANDAISE SAUCE! Holy smokes, it was so delicious. Made it kind of extra lemon-y and added Dijon mustard (which is technically a Moutarde sauce, but whatever). This was the perfect addition. Lightened up the heavy richness of the sausage and egg yolk and added a little perk to it all. (I also need to add that this was probably too much to add onto the “try try again” culinary project but it turned out good so NO LESSON LEARNED!)

These things were goooood you guys. And they were nap-inducing, too. They were so yummy and filling that we waited a day or so to do Bangers and Mash (which was also delicious).

Best Easter eggs ever. No lie.

Scotch Eggs | SundriedTomatoe.Wordpress.com

Links I used to formulate my strategy:
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Scotch Eggs with Mustard Sauce
Scotch Eggs with Sauce Moutarde
Hollandaise Sauce


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