There’s this great line in the Guy Ritchie film Snatch where a bunch of gypsies ask one of the regular characters, “dee yee lak dags?” and the response is one of confusion.

They finally realize the question was about dogs and we go from there. It’s an interesting little scene and one that I quote relatively often. That’s mainly because I have dogs, and I like them.

Been road-trippin’ lately, and covering some serious miles on some excellent interstate highways. I will love I-10 for life simply because of it’s 80mph speed limit.

My dags have come with me on this one, and it’s interesting how much more I like driving huge long distances when they’re in the car with me. I’ve spent my fair share of man hours alone in cars for days at a time – it’s not tons of fun. Something about having some beings along for the ride that makes the whole process kind of adventure-y and less ordeal-y.

Not sure why, but my dogs pretty much avoid going to the bathroom for however long we are in a car. If it’s 12 hours, they wait 12 hours. Also, they mostly sleep. There’s no puking, whining, window scratching, and they don’t feel the need to sit on my lap. They’re just THERE. It’s really nice.

They also play well with others. In our journey they’ve bunked with a cranky old Corgi, a sedate Golden Retriever, a wild and crazy Boxer, and two mutt puppies who match the energy level nicely. Not one issue, no injuries, fights, or even much growling. (The cranky Corgi does snuffle a bit when anyone gets too close but who can blame her? She’s old and her hips hurt.)

I sincerely doubt the cat would travel as well.


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