Creativity Activate!

Creative juices have been running high, lately. I suspect part of it has to do with finding constructive outlets for the never-ending frustration that is infertility. When it’s an “in your face” type of thing like it has been lately, I try to find healthier things to occupy my mind. For this go-round, I have succeed!

First, several local folks have asked for consulting work. This is a delight because it keeps me busy and helps quiet the voice that tells me I MUST contribute to the Household. “Consulting” on graphic design and website work and other similar things is also happy work for me – allowing me to be creative and productive all at the same time.

Second, I finished a highly complex quilt for my new niece recently. I loved working on that quilt. It was the second one I’ve ever made and WAY too advanced for me. Should have gone with a less intricate pattern and should have relied much more heavily on my sewing machine – hand sewing is not for the faint of heart! However, all that work allowed me to pour a ton of love into the process and also do a bit of passive healing around the whole childless thing.

One of the offshoot results of finishing that quilt was wanting to try something much simpler. So when two little friends asked if I would make them quilts (out of the blue, which was kismet for sure) I, of course, agreed immediately and immediately went to work. They chose the color combos and then I added a hand-embroidered initial to each for a bit of extra love.

Now I’m working on one for another new family member and, since I’ve been posting updates of quilt progress as I work (over on Instagram) I’ve got what I think is a commissioned piece. How cool is that?!

Third, some friends have been talking lately about doing a podcast. I’d researched podcasting a few months back but realized it wasn’t the time to start working on something like that, then. Recent friend conversations got my mind back on that groove and, since I already pretty much knew what I needed, I was able to go to work!

Rae Reads Podcast | available at

There’s a book review site that I “maintain” but never update as much as I would like to. Given what I wanted to do for a podcast, was the perfect place to host the ‘cast. Roughly, each episode contains a quote, a poem, a one short story read aloud.

I love audiobooks but rarely get to hear short stories, and there are some GREAT short stories out there. So this feeds that beast.

Anyway, you can listen on the site (click on the icon to go there). Hopefully the podcast will be up in iTunes soon, too, so people with Apple products can subscribe directly from the iTunes store.

If you have (or are interested in getting) a NON-iTunes podcast app for your smart device (there’s a TON out there), you can subscribe to the Rae Reads Podcast by using this RSS URL:

There’s a learning curve with this kind of thing – it took some mental gymnastics to just let this episode go, warts and all, and refocus on the next one. But HOW COOL IS THAT? I love researching stories and I love hearing literature read aloud. And, I love reading to myself. 🙂 This is a project to fill up my own audio library with things I want to hear and it’s a bonus that I get to share with friends and family.


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