BAGELS om nom nom

homemade delicious nyc bagels | a recipe from

Tried making bagels a few weeks ago, right before Christmas. They tasted okay but there were several issues. First, they had a hard crust. HARD. Not the best for toasting. Destroys the soft palette.

Also, they were rough. The bagels I know from my homeland are smooth and golden.

So I did some research, investigated some recipes, read up on how gluten works, and tried again. The recipe listed at the bottom of the post is the result. And guys… it’s GOOD.

A few notes:

  • The resting times matter. Letting dough rest allows gluten to “relax” – improving the chewiness and overall texture of your delicious bagels.
  • I added a bit of salt to the boiling water. This isn’t part of the recipe because it’s not necessary but I felt like it needed to be done, flavor-wise.
  • A stand mixer makes a HUGE difference in texture. First batch was hand-kneaded, second batch I used a stand mixer. Just makes everything much smoother.
  • When using active dry yeast the water temperature is important. Use a thermometer to get it right. That window is relatively small.

The recipe card was built to print at a 4.25 x 5.5 size but it can print on a full sheet of paper, too.

Here is a PDF of the recipe card. (JPG is below.)

delicious nyc bagel recipe from - jpg recipe card
JPG recipe card (printable)

Let me know if you try this out! I will be making many more of these – for all the time involved they’re relatively easy to make and MAN do they taste good.


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