Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry up and wait is officially upon us! We have been assigned a social worker and I think training starts in January but it’s actually kind of hard to know – there’s not much official word. I keep telling myself everyone involved in this process is horrifically overworked so if they don’t get us information we need it’s not because we dropped the ball somehow. It’s just because they’re busy. ALWAYS BUSY.

The more I read about this process the more it looks like there are looooooong periods of waiting punctuated by short bursts of insane activity. This might actually work okay for us; we like our recovery time.

Right now, the level of “unknown” coupled with the waiting is just slightly overwhelming. We have no idea how long it will be before placement (though all signs point to “a few months”) and we definitely don’t know how long it will be until we are 100% bona fide parents, free from the strictures of the state system (though all signs point to “a few years”). I find myself trying very hard not to fixate on the few knowables we have right now – dates of PRIDE training, the name of our social worker, getting the pets up to date on vaccinations…

…redoing the spare room…

It’s exciting. Even with all the unknowns, it’s movement. That is amazingly, thrillingly, frighteningly exciting. We’re on the path.


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