Soooo… Adoption

Next step in the journey – meaningfully pursuing adoption. There’s been a lot of reading and thinking and long conversations in this house lately. One of the results is that we are looking into foster/adopting from the state system. We recently attended the initial information session for our area of Texas and are now working our way through an impressive pile of initial paperwork.

Good timing, as November is National Adoption Month. We have a lot of positive reinforcement as we start down this road.

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Lots of things to think about as we move along this path. Fostering and adopting from the State system means we’ll be parenting kids taken from bad situations. Fostering means some kids we parent will return to their first-parents rather than staying with us. Adopting means years of paperwork and court appearances. We are limited in who we can parents because we live in an area with limited medical care and a homogeneous racial makeup. Plus, neither of us actually have any idea what we’re doing…

We have a lot of studying and training to do, a lot of decisions to make, still have a bit of soul-searching left. Already, we are prepping for difficulty and heartbreak that seem inherent in this approach, even when we know there’s no way to really adequately prepare for what’s ahead. Hope is an incredible thing, though, as is the potential for some hard-earned Joy.

The prospect of being parents, something we’ve wanted for  a long time, is both exciting and frightening. I’m aprehensive about parenting someone else’s child for months or years before that child is ours. I’m scared about falling in love and then being separated (pretty much a guarantee with the route we’re going) because a child’s first parents get their act together. At the same time, I’m relieved to put infertility behind us. I don’t really have adequate words for how relieved I am. And ultimately, I’m excited because we are on the path to being PARENTS.

Holy smokes. Even writing that is awesome.

I’ll keep you posted.


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