I’m Sleeping In

Ignoring the schedule is the only productive way to express my dissatisfaction.

When I’m cranky with work I can sleep in. I can do this because my bosses don’t care if I come in late, as long as I work late. And I do. I work late a lot. I try to balance it out but it’s kind of cool to have a job where I can say “I have to work late tonight” and it’s actually true.

I feel like that’s the sign of a “real” job.

So when I’m having a rough week sometimes I just turn off my alarm clock. And I go in to work late. Two things happen when I do this. One, I’m more positive because I get my best sleep between 4a and 8a so when I can sleep through that block I’m a delight. Also, I get to avoid people a lot that day because they all leave at normal people times and I work late.

Maybe I should do this all the time…


What do you think?

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