Bless Her Heart

At a work function, I had the singular misfortune of being grouped with one of those peers who is convinced that they are NOT my peer and that they need to spend a lot of time making sure I know we are not peers. I wasn’t the only person who got that kind of attention; the cranky coworker did the same thing to pretty much everyone.

bless her heart | a post from sundriedtomatoe.wordpress.comIn a large meeting, a boss brought up a particularly divisive point of conversation. Cranky Pants McGee politely disagreed, out loud. Then she spent the next 20 minutes shit-talking the boss under her breath to anyone who would listen. Conversation had its hills and valleys, but Cranky Pants McGee just spent her time being negative. Viciously negative. Under her breath.

Post-discussion, our smaller group met. Cranky Pants didn’t seem to realize that no one agreed with her approach… or maybe she was just smart enough to keep most of the ugly under her breath. But in the post meeting she spent some more time trash talking the lady and we all kept our mouths shut. Until she uttered the words “bless her heart.”

The room went silent. Someone said, “…oh…”

You don’t just throw that phrase around.


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