More Moving: Winning Things!

It’s totally a first world problem, and I’m okay with it.
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Last post I talked about putting some money in a jar every time I did something that promoted building healthy habits. That’s a good, attainable, daily thing to motivate me.

But I also want some “big” things to use as goals, to motivate me.

Enter DOOR PRIZES: This actually took me some serious time. I had to come up with things that are novel or delightful enough to be motivating and FEEL like a reward, but that were not going to break our personal bank.

Like I mentioned earlier, time isn’t a commodity/luxury for me to the level that I would view it as a reward. Similarly, just buying things that I want is also not really a reward because I can already pretty much do that. It’d have to be a big ticket item (something we don’t buy for ourselves) to motivate me.

I thought of a few. They’re in there. 🙂

Mostly, though, I went with experiences. These are basically quality times (with my hon, if possible) that require more planning (and money) than an afternoon off or a night with the gals. MOST of the motivator/reward experiences are things that can be done in one day (or less) but involve some planning and/or travel (because we live far away from all of it).

I’m distributing these kinds of things at certain weight loss “goal posts” – using them as carrots to keep me going, basically.

The thing I like about my list (if I do say so myself) is that it can be high or low budget depending on where you’re at. A real massage could be free (from someone supporting your effort) or it could be from the fanciest-schmanceist masseuse this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Whatever works for you.

Just use what works and trash what doesn’t.

  • a real, honest to goodness massage
    Low End – hunny bun for free
    High End – Chez Fancy NYC salon
  • hair cut and nails did
    Low End – trim at the $10 place and a new bottle of polish in a cute color
    High End – 4 hours with Bettina and a full-set of diamond-studded tips
  • water park
    Low End – sprinkler and water balloons in the backyard
    High End – Area 47 in Austria
  • wine tasting
    Low End – bargain bottles from the local
    High End – Napa Valley adventure
  • day spa – cucumbers on the face and whatnot
    Low End – DIY sugar scrub and face mask
    High End – head back to Chez Fancy’s day spa
  • horseback riding
    Low End – visit a regional horse-rescue to say “hi”
    High End – buy one and keep it at a swanky stable
  • concert
    Low End – high school band or local freebie
    High End – Italian Opera. In Italy.
  • lessons
    Low End – YouTube lessons
    High End – buy every piece of gear under the sun, best trainer in world
  • accessory
    Low End – cute purse from Wally World or shoes from Payless
    High End: Bottega Veneta and Manolo Blahnik
  • weekend vacay (I’m using this as a biggie – halfway or goal mark)
    Low End – be a “tourist” in your own town for a weekend
    High End – go to Dublin

So first, have you ever tried this before and second, do you think it will work?

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