A Girl and her Cat

20140206-052930.jpgThis is my sister and her cat, Scout. I have my own cat at home, Kitty. While I was up in New Jersey I tried to get Scout to become my adopt-a-cat with only mild success. She belongs to Prose, without question. Scout was only interested in me if my sister was at work.

It was delightful for me to see Prose and Scout interact together. There’s so many feelings attached to it.

Prose is 10 years younger than me, and she was my special project for a bit after she was born. At ten years old I was convinced I would teach her about the world. She turned out awesome despite my ministrations, and I get a giant kick out of how alike we (accidentally) are. I was pretty much out of her daily life by the time SHE was 10 years old, so any similarities we share at this point make me feel like a long-lost twin.

Watching Prose and Scout was somehow personally satisfying, kind of like seeing myself and Kitty in a (younger) mirror.

I need an adopt-a-sister out here in Texas. I miss her.


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