Dad: Early Adopter(ish)

Dad’s relationship with technology is fascinating for me to watch. His default reaction is similar to his parents’ – I know this because I lived with his parents for a while. To their eternal credit, they are relatively tech-savvy. Grandma is on Facebook, posting and commenting on a regular basis. Grandpa, who has taken up guitar-making in his retirement years, has dabbled in blogging.

When I say “default reaction” I mean that thing where, when the computer isn’t moving fast enough for their high-speed lives they tend to repeat whatever action they’ve just taken. If one mouse-click didn’t do it, they go for four or five. They are also aware of what a computer is capable of (unlike a lot of non-millenials) so frustration levels tend to run fairly high when the dang piece of junk won’t do what we want it to do.

Lifetime of entertainment for yours truly.

My grandparents raised a tech-savvy son who is eternally enthusiastic about adopting new bits of tech. It helps that his kids are all giant nerds with various levels of adoration for all things gadget. We are the ones who respond with unbridled enthusiasm when he mentions that work is asking for volunteers to try out iPhones as work phones.

It works at home, too. For instance, when we’re all piled into a room together and Dad is watching football (soccer) highlights that are getting too loud, he gladly accepts and dons a pair of headphones. He blends nicely with the rest of the people in the room: one was writing a snippet of code (programming) on another laptop, another was mixing a musical track on an iPad, and two more were Snapchatting on their respective smart devices.

This was all happening as a supplement to the eternal conversation that exists in my parents’ kitchen when three or more are gathered.

Dad fit in nicely.

Later that day he asked me to set him up on YouTube so he can start posting vlogs.

I’m so proud.


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