I’m a self-professed hater of snow. Before you judge me, live in New Jersey for a while. It’s all the worst things about snow (tons of ice, months of sleet, lots of muddy cold stuff) and then see how you like it.

Texans who ask me “don’t you miss it?!” are referring to the pristine snowfalls they see in photos. These occur in places like Norway, Russia, Iceland. In New Jersey, snow means grey skies for days and freezing sludge everywhere.

That being said, I can appreciate a few things about snow when I’m of a mind to be appreciative.
Giant, gorgeous snowflakes, for example.


One thought on “Snowflakes”

  1. That and having to clear trash cans from empty parking spots… or any number of other weird items. Like coolers, chairs, massive flower pots….

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