It snowed in the Northeast while I was there. I was trapped in NJ by a tenacious polar vortex.

Here’s a secret: I hate cold weather. In fact, I turn into a grinch when the temp drops to single digits or when cold things fall from the sky.

Love rain. Hate snow.

So the polar vortex maelstrom sorely tried my patience. When it was over, though, the sun and (relative) warmth returned enough for me to enjoy a few moments in the miracle that is a good snowfall.

And today? Back in my preferred climate. It’ll freeze up in my old stomping grounds as I traipse through Texas in shorts, enjoying many degrees of warmth (almost 80, in fact).

Love me that sunshine.


One thought on “Snow!”

  1. You’re braver than me…I grew up in Cleveland and can’t come anywhere near even thinking of visiting during the cold months! I was actually the moron turning the heat on when it dipped to the 50s here in Florida…

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