Handmade Pasta

On one of the final days of my holiday, I resolved to try my hand at making real, honest-to-goodness pasta.

Hubs obliged me by taking many photos.

Turns out one does not need a pasta maker, a pasta machine, a fancy press, nor even farm fresh eggs. Just flour, eggs, salt, and water.

And delicious meatballs. Let me tell you, find a meatball recipe that looks promising, mix that meat up, and then let it cook in a pot of good sauce. Use neither pan browning nor oven baking for thy meatballs. Useth only delicious tomato sauce.

Thou shalt thank me.

We were surprised at the difference in texture between handmade pasta and the dried kind we’ve always had (a LOT – we were raised on the stuff). Handmade was thicker, with more substance, and MUCH more flavor. We could taste the salt and olive oil it cooked in.

In reality, it’s a different food product entirely. Like the difference between crackers from a grocery shelf and fresh baked bread.

Truly delicious. I think we’ve discovered a new favorite.

Tell me about a handmade food product that isn’t even comparable to the mass-market counterpart.


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