Antlers: Part Two

Recently, I talked about the voracious beasts we have living under our roof and how they decimate pounds of rawhide a day, given a chance. Their jaws are the opposite of the jaws of life when it comes to rawhide. They have no respect for pacing or the cost of pounds and pounds of rawhide.

(Also, apparently rawhide is bad for dogs. Who knew?!)

So we bought some oldie-but-goodie antlers from a local antique shop to tide the pups over for the holidays. That was “part one” of our no-rawhide movement. It was fairly successful. The dogs really have to be restless and in a chewing kind of mood to go for those small half-racks.

(We suspect they are old and withered and no longer smell strongly of live animal, which accounts for the less-than-obsessed interest.)

But just after New Year’s we received “part two” of the no-rawhide movement – split pieces of elk antler.

Let me just say… these things are, in fact, doggie crack. The pups have been chewing on the elk stuff nonstop for the last week and will continue (I suspect) until they have nothing left but little bits of elk-antler-goo.

They hoard these things. Just one is not enough. Given the chance (when the other dog is not looking) they will slink over to the OTHER ANTLER, pick it up, and carry it back to their own doggie nest.

They are shameless, and they know it, and they are unashamed.
We have a doggie friend visiting for a few days while his owners travel, and even he (a normally stoic and uninterested chap) is obsessed with the elk antlers. He devotes his entire 6 pounds to rabidly defending his right to gnaw on elk antler.

It’s amusing watching him warn off our “big dog” who caps out at a whopping 35 pounds.

And no more terrible doggie farts.

(Doggie rawhide farts are truly terrible.)

What is worse than a doggie fart? I challenge you to think of something worse.


What do you think?

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