Sugar Cookie Obsession

In my youth, I worked at the headquarters of a national chain of craft stores. I had direct contact with the buyer who was in charge of the whole baking section – lots of goodies for cookies, cakes, candies, and other related sweets. For a while there, I was taking full advantage of my direct line to cookie-making genius.

This book is what started my ongoing (randomly occurring) love affair with decorated sugar cookies.

Written by Meaghan Mountford and out of print these days, Cookie Sensations is filled with adorable, awesomely decorated sugar cookies of all shapes and sizes. This was in the days before Pinterest and the millions of easily searchable images of creatives sweets. Every page in my copy of this book is well-worn, and it has been carefully packed away to move with us EVERY time we change living locations.

I love this book. I treasure it.

Lately I’ve had the urge to cookie. In addition to reviewing my favorite book, I also did some online searching for sugar cookie genius. And along with some simple decoration ideas, I found Sugar Belle, whose recipes are out of this world. I never used to use royal icing on sugar cookies because I never had a good recipe. But holy moses did I ever hit paydirt when I found SB’s recipes for royal icing and chocolate royal icing. (I was super excited about the chocolate version. And it was delicious.)

Additionally, her post on “flooding” vs “lining” icing was the source of a serious “ah ha!” moment for me. If you are a sugar cookie decorating hobbyist you should check it out. It will change your life.

No more narration on this one; enjoy the pictures. And imagine how much I enjoyed the taste. And share your own baking-loves with me if you’re able.

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