Yesterday GB posted about the personality of sockets in New Zealand (where he spends his winters) and compared them against the sockets in Scotland, where he “summers.”

NZ sockets: “sad”
UK sockets: “no personality”

Both descriptions seemed right on the money and I was delighted with the quick little “I see faces” post. And then it got me thinking about our sockets in the US – sometimes called “outlets.”

Our grounding prong is circular, rather than rectangular (like the NZ and UK versions). This gives our outlets a different look, although related to the NZ outlets a bit.

To me, our three-prong outlets always seem to look equal parts shocked (pun intended) and dismayed.


20140104-121735.jpgSee what I mean?

I can think of a few other common household sights that remind me of faces, like our refrigerator, which has two doors on top and an ice drawer below (eyes and jaw).

Does your place feature any “faces”?


What do you think?

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