Antlers: Part One

Lately the dogs have been tearing through rawhide like butter.

I know rawhide is not ideal for dogs.

Thus, I began investigating alternatives to rawhide for heavy-duty gnawers.

antlers part one | a post from sundriedtomatoe.wordpress.comHere’s the thing: I have yet to find an artificial product that works for our dogs. Nylabones and Chewy Chews and whatever else is out there either falls apart in seconds, is totally ignored by our dogs (rare, but it’s happened), or quickly morphs into thousands of tiny shards of sharp plastic strewn across our living room floor. I know rawhide is bad for digestion but I can’t imagine the tiny plastic razorblades are much better.

Not to be deterred, I started looking into antlers. I know one or two people who have antlers available for their dogs. It seems kind of weird and oh-so-country but it turns out that antlers work out pretty well for dogs. They’re super-durable and, owing to the marrow buried in them, they are like doggie crack (if you get a good one).

antlers part one | a post from sundriedtomatoe.wordpress.comSo I put out the call to any dog lovers asking where I get antlers for dogs to chew on. It’s not like WalMart features a giant antler-bucket in the pet section. I get the idea it’s kind of a niche product.

Plus, down here, most people hang on to their antlers for mounting and decoration and things. You don’t let dogs chew on them?! … strange Yankee female.

antlers part one | a post from
Kitty is also interested in antlers, although not quite as enthusiastic as the dogs.

Thankfully, my dog-lovin’ friends came back with two helpful responses. One was the short term fix – a local antique market with a few hidden stashes of antlers in various states of decay. These aren’t the freshest picks in the world but they are getting us through the holiday vacation. The pictures are of all pets investigating said antique antlers.

The second suggestion should arrive sometime next week. For as enthusiastic as the dogs were about the ol’ antique antlers, I expect to witness dog-level ecstasy when antlers-part-two arrive.

antlers part one | a post from sundriedtomatoe.wordpress.comWhat are your thoughts on antlers as doggie chews?

Also, Happy New Year!!


4 thoughts on “Antlers: Part One”

  1. This is really a great idea! We have a 40 pound poodle puppy, who’s favorite chew toys are the couch, my leg, and the cat. Although I’m slightly concerned the cat may try to impale the poodle with the antlers, I’m calling the local feed store in the morning. I’m also thankful you put in there about Walmart not carrying antlers. I would have been that dummy walking back and forth between the pet food section, the garden center, and the furniture aisle looking for the damn bucket of antlers!

  2. Our area livestock feed store carries antlers along with wheat free dog and cat food. Our dogs gnaw them for weeks without any little splinters or gooey stuff like regular chew treats. Better than bones for our dogs – cause they will eat splinters of bones without hesitation.

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