Ghee Whiz

Ever heard of ghee?

It’s a type of clarified butter that originated in India. Lately it’s been getting a lot of love from the culinary world because it’s essentially butter but has some different cooking properties (like a high smoke point) and from the Cult of CrossFit because it’s considered “paleo” (though how or why, I cannot tell since it’s both a dairy product and refined… but whatever).

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I have a sister who used to love cooking. I suspect she still does but she’s super busy these days with work and college and whatnot. From what I glean, there’s not much time for kitchen experiments.

However, sometimes I see a neat culinary product and immediately think of her and suspect that she would like to try using it somehow. Christmas shopping this year was one of those times, and ghee was that product.

So, among other, more traditional Christmas gifts, that particular sister got a little tub of ghee.

And now I’m kind of jealous and wishing I’d kept it for myself because I just spent 20 minutes looking up recipes that call for ghee. I need all of them in my life: curry, chapatti, biryani… ghee whiz.

What about you? Any uncommon (for you) products you’ve noticed lately? What’s an ingredient you’ve heard about but never used/tried?


One thought on “Ghee Whiz”

  1. Happy you have found Ghee. 🙂 Its also used in some of the North african kitchens. Well Im a spice nerd and love to discover new types of spices. Just found some and you can read about them on my blog. 🙂

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