Southwest Texas “Winter”


It’s been a balmy 70° here in SWTX this week. I wore flip-flops and a t-shirt as I completed my last-minute shopping. At the food stop (Chipotle = OMFG so good every time) I browsed through pictures from folks back “home” in the Northeast.

It’s snowing there. Bwahahahahaha! (That’s an evil laugh.)

I used to loooooooove snow. So. Much. I have adventurous siblings and a mom who was pro-outside-playtime so we (sibs and I) built amazing igloos, snow cave systems, forts, castles, snowmen – we were snow architects. And when the snow punked out on us we had fun with ice. One year Mom found ice skates (good memory, Mom) and we skated up and down the sidewalks because they had frozen over. We skated with ice skates in the actual outdoors. Not in a rink. In our late teens we’d take the family car to huge empty parking lots and do donuts on the ice. (It was fun AND we learned how to steer out of skids.)

Then I hit actual adulthood and had to work/walk/study/live in cold and ice. And I was tired and sleep deprived and I needed every simple human comfort I could get just to keep going. And the Northeast is flipping ice cold for almost six months, which is five and a half months too long for very cold.

I’m not a fan of super cold New Jersey. Then we moved and….

Texas winters for the win EVERY YEAR. Texas winters are the best parts of Northeast fall/spring weather – comfortable days, chilly nights, a few cold snaps, a few warm spells, and the smell of fire pits all the time. It’s also the best season for craft beers since all the excellent ones are autumn and winter blends. (Don’t even bother challenging me on this. It’s historical fact.)

The best bits about winter in TX are that it never freezes, ever. It never snows, ever. Balmy, beautiful “winter” lasts for a solid four months. And the sunsets are out of this world.

What is your favorite season where you live right now? How does it compete with the best season of your entire life (e.g.: somewhere else, or when you actually liked snow, or before your sled dogs got too old for the Iditarod, etc…)?

Merry Christmas Eve to you, wherever you are!


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