Barnes & Noble Right Before Christmas List

Ever drive to your favorite shopping spot, after a frenzied week of shopping, wrapping, and mailing gifts, and just spend some time wandering a magical and huge place like Barnes & Noble?

I do. And then I end up creating a mental list of totally random wants based entirely on things I see that I have to talk myself out of buying immediately. (Because I’m already in super-extreme-Christmas buying mode.)

I have a perfect spot for this on my desk, and a short list of people I can impress with my daily vocabulary skills.

This thing is just painting with water. I’d probably mostly write cranky curse words on it, but maybe it’d be good irritation management. Maybe I’d be calm if I sat quietly until the words faded. Even if not, it’d be fun to draw.

I need to write more. I feel the need. I just lack the proper motivation. These would do it; I’m sure of it.

“The Science Behind Revulsion” ? ! I’m hooked. I need to know why I can’t stand raisins or peas but love olives, stinky cheese, and experimental meat products.

APPARENTLY somebody wrote about the dichotomy of live-in-help culture BEFORE Upstairs Downstairs. Who knew? Not me, but now I do. And yo quiero.

Leather-bound books. Need I say more?

A Moleskine book journal for chronicling all my book-related adventures. Cherry on top.

Do you do this kind of thing? What stores do you enter and immediately begin compiling a list of wants?


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