More Late Night Musings

This is a continuation of a post I started last night. You can read that one first, or not. You’re not going to miss anything other than written gold…

2) Infertility/Kids/Pregnancy

Hubs and I have been doing a lot of soul-searching and belt-tightening lately in relation to the “having kids” conundrum. This month marks six complete years of trying to conceive without any pregnancies making it out of the first trimester. Thankfully, it’s been years since the last failed pregnancy so we have had a good long chunk of time to heal from the losses and the associated grief.

That also means it’s been years since anything has happened. For a while we thought perhaps that would be it – there is a certain joy to just being done with something painful. (Maybe peace is a better word…?)

It’s also really nice to be able to sleep in every weekend and go out/on vacation/shopping whenever we want. Just sayin’

At some point in the recent past, however, we decided we are going to go full bore on the family trying for a while. Other options for family-building exist beyond naturally occurring pregnancies so we’re investigating those. You’ll probably hear more about this in the near future. This has never really been an “infertility” blog so I seriously doubt it will become an “alternate fertility” blog. But you will probably get my thoughts and reactions to whatever processes we face in the foreseeable future.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll get all preachy-teachy like the many hundreds of blogs out there with people trying medical interventions, adoptions, surrogacies, etc…

Or maybe I could start a new blog called “Baby Black Market: The Dark and Fetid Underbelly of (In)Fertility, Pregnancy, and Childrearing.” That’d be fun. Make it so.


Part three, Illness and Distance, tomorrow. Again… if I remember.


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