Cornbread Dressing!!!

I flipping love cornbread dressing. It’s not a super-common side dish so I forget EVERY YEAR until the next holiday season and then I go ape shit eating all cornbread dressing in sight.

Then I take a five hour coma.

Here’s an interesting factoid I learned this Thanksgiving: triptophan is totally not the cause of the post-meal near-death sleeping experience. It’s just the huge amounts of warm food.

Hubs planned the entire damn menu and may I just say he’s so good at this stuff it hurts. For proteins, we did a chicken (for size) and glazed ham (best decision ever). Side dishes were cornbread dressing (obviously) and mashed/baked sweet potatoes (made extra awesome by the inclusion of approximately five pounds of butter).

Let me mention that dessert was made-from-scratch sweet corn cakes (HUBS KILLED IT) with vanilla cream and a blackberry reduction.

I wasn’t exaggerating about the five hour coma, by the way.

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One thought on “Cornbread Dressing!!!”

  1. Wowzer! What a fabulous meal. I would have eaten until I was overwhelmed. Then I would sleep. Then I would come back for more. Hope you both had a lovely day.

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