Thanks a Lot

Lots of thanks going on in the webosphere this month. In lieu of the “daily thanks” postings, here’s a list of less obvious things I’m glad for (Hubs, income, family, etc are all the obvious ones). I’d be interested in hearing some of yours. design seeds

New paint on the walls of my office. The severely outdated dark wood paneling and built-in bookcase made me so bummed OUT all the time. Now that little room is a peaceful haven that I am happy to spend hours in.

Meyers Honeysuckle house cleaner. This stuff smells like heaven – millions of times better than all other house cleaner scents. Ever. Makes me WANT to wipe counters down.

makeupMakeup. Took me three decades but I’m finally getting the hang of this stuff. It’s weird how easily I can transform my look. Now I’m a natural beauty, now I’m a striking diva, now I’m a retro rockabilly filly. I’m enjoying a new way to present myself.

Keurig Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate. Best dessert I know of – minimal work, no guilt, and it tastes so dang delicious.

Good Gas Milage. I live in Texas. Enough said.

There’s plenty more but these are what I’m glad for this morning.


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