Fake $100

This gal Erika asked an interesting question today: WHERE would you shop if you had $100 you were to spend on you and you alone in only one hour? What was interesting was realizing that WHERE I would shop, given that set of parameters, would change depending on the amount.

$100 — cosmetics store like Ulta

$1,000 — clothing store like Banana Republic (Normally it’d be Old Navy, but with $1,000 I would go big time and hit BR.)

$10,000 — home improvement store like Home Depot

I can’t remember what the other choices were… maybe accessories (like purses). I don’t think there was a food option… if there had been I probably would have picked that.

Here’s what I would buy at Ulta with $100. (It would take me way less than an hour, by the way.)

chi-silk-infusionChi Silk Infusion (6 oz) – $24.50
My hair seems fairly tame but it’s that weird mix of wavy/straight that really enjoys never committing to an actual shape and thus always requiring some treatment to look presentable. Either it must be curled or it must be straightened. Otherwise, it does this fascinating almost-wave, almost-fro thing that looks less “beachy sexy” and more “gross and dirty.” The silk infusion stuff is excellent at providing heat protection and shine. Win win.

butter-london-petrol-overcoatButter London nail polish in Petrol – $15
First, it’s great nail polish. Second, the name of this color is probably the best name ever. It sounds all hardcore and badass. Third, I can wear this badass-edly named color to work. Win. Win. Win.

Urban-Decay-BYOUrban Decay Build-Your-Own-Palette set – $82
Last birthday I splurged and bought one of the Urban Decay “Naked” (pre-made) palettes. I liked it so much that now, many months later, I’m still wearing makeup. This is a coup of all makeups everywhere over my face, which has battled bitterly against a regular makeup routine for at least two decades. Now that I’ve been doing the eyeshadow thing for a bit, I feel the need for a high-quality “made especially for me” palette. Even if some of them do have stupid names.


Ta da. I’m already at $121.50

I’d probably keep going and go ahead and buy a new flat iron and some other nail polishes but you don’t need to hear about that.

Your turn. I’m curious about what others would do with $100 “for you only” and one hour in one store.


3 thoughts on “Fake $100”

  1. $100 at Catoes for some great clothes for women with bosoms.
    $1000 for a gardener weekly for a year.
    $10,000 to join Ei to Barcelona and the 2 week cruise through the Mediterranean.

  2. $100 Kohl’s for some dress slacks and shirts (blouses) that fit.
    $1000 Home Depot for a dishwasher and 15 raised panel hollow core interior doors with brushed nickel door handles.
    $10,000 airfare to Barcelona and a 2 week cruise through the Mediterranean.

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