I Love Flying. Seriously.

flying by Paula Chang

I recently had a conversation with someone about flying, in airplanes. They hate it; I loooove it. I love it so much I was socially awkward in my response to their hate. It made no sense to me. At some point I realized I’m still about seven years old every time I step onto an airplane. I want to yell “WE’RE FLYING!!!” every time we take off. I take many pictures of clouds and plane wingtips. I’m enchanted by air travel.

When the plane hits turbulence I double-check the emergency manual and plan my points of exit. I also try to eyeball any potential hysterical people, already planning how I will calm and subdue them when they start to freak out.

While that crisis management is happening on one side of my brain, the other side of my brain is SO EXCITED because we are INSIDE A THUNDERSTORM!!!!!!! HOW COOL IS THIS?!


The best part about all this is it’s a great way to get people off their guard. They start talking about flying and I’m all “I LOVE flying” and they laugh and say something like, “yeah right.” And I’m like, “no, seriously. I love it. It’s one of my all time favorite things.”

And they kind of stare at me with a sidelong glance that says, “ummmmm, okay.” And I skip away delightedly.

flying by Paula Chang
by Paula Chang

One thought on “I Love Flying. Seriously.”

  1. Me too! I think turbulence feels like a roller coaster ride (the old ones with the chains) from when I was 10 years old. Just GREAT to fly … take off is the BEST!!!!

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