Feng Shwayze

There’s a rapper named Schwayze and he’s who I think of every time I say the words “feng shui” (the art of interior decorating in a way that makes sense to your brains).

I’ve been saying those words a lot lately because I’m soon moving into a new office space and it’s incredibly old and outdated and I’ve been investigating ways to update it. I’m no decorator so any “system” helps immensely. Otherwise it’d be a ton of yellow and random kitty cat calendars.

Pusheen the Cat

Instead of choosing between butter yellow or fireworks yellow I’ve been diagramming the office space and attempting to determine how I can sit in a command position AND face my most favorable celestial animal element.

This is so obviously the way to go with interior decorating. I don’t know why I haven’t tried it before.


In all seriousness, the reputable resources are pretty much all about setting yourself up for success. You build a space that is (psychologically) comfortable for you and arresting for those who visit or work with you. The whole point (when you’re doing an office space – I can’t speak for the rest of my life) is to get a subtly amazing workspace that constantly reinforces extreme winning.

Those ancient Asians really knew their mind games.

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