Guitar Tuning is an Inherited Skill

My family is very amateur musical. The younger sibs are all able to play a few instruments. Zee can handle a guitar. I am an okay singer. One notable shared (musical) skill is that we ALL know how to tune a guitar. Some of us can’t really play, but we can all get a guitar in decent tune.

This is a valuable skill.


Part of my visit to my parents in NJ Involved revising this room from “kinda office” to “music den.” It worked out well. We sat around singing my last night there, which was fantastic. Can’t to that with just anyone.


I concussed one of the doves on their way out of the cage but they recovered and posed for a great Woodstock-type shot with my bro. Also got this one:

As you can see, they forgave me for the abuse.

This wasn’t the only time we sat around and sang, just the only real gathering I have pictures of. The house has 8-10 guitars so any extended free time usually involves breaking a few out and strumming some chords.


The real secret to a happy life: have a lot of kids and guitars.



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