Stand-In Pet: Scout

I started out the trip to NJ trying desperately to make friends with the NJ cat, Scout. My cat (named Kitty) is the type who really enjoys my company. If I sit, she finds a seat near me. If I’m sleeping she curls up next to me. She’s not generally pushy or hyper, she just likes being around me.

I was missing my little arrogant kitty shadow in NJ. Aside from Scout, my parents’ house features two shaggy dogs and some birds. The small shaggy dog follows my mom around and the big shaggy dog spends a lot of time worshipping the ground my brother walks on. The cat AND the birds look to Prose who has both college and work to keep her busy. I figured I had a fighting chance.

The picture above is from midway through the trip, when Scout trusted me enough to sit near me. Here’s a picture from penultimate day, when I woke up delighted to find Scout curled up on my chest, trying to suffocate me:

I win.



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