Throwback: Stan the Man

In NJ, I was able to take a quick trip to visit one set of grandparents. While there, we spotted a wild turkey in their backyard (wild turkeys roam around in flocks there – more evidence for the awesomeness of South Jersey):

Stan the Man thought my phone was great, and was super-impressed at the camera function:

Later, I found a picture of Stan the Man in his younger days at one of many birthday celebrations:

Stan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a looooooong time ago (10+ years). Thankfully, he and Helen live in the ‘burbs of a city with amazing hospitals and they were able to forestall the effects of the disease for many years. It hasn’t been until recently that he’s displayed the classic symptoms.

Before this there was a great run where he’d talk about his days serving in Guam and the horse he used to own when he was stationed in the Midwest. He also talked a lot about dancing; that’s what brought him and Grandma together – they were great dancers. He doesn’t remember the dancing stories anymore but he still knows who his best partner is.


He was happy to visit with me though he had no idea who I was. Mostly he just listened while Grandma and I talked about her dad and the Irish during WWII (that’s where her family is from). Then we found some Croatian words (that’s where Grandpa’s family is from) and he perked up. We finished on the subject of the Scottish accent, which we all enjoyed.

It was great to see them. I wish you could meet them.



2 thoughts on “Throwback: Stan the Man”

  1. I have met them and they are special people with a special family. I feel blessed to be a part of the larger family and to see the grandchildren we share have such an inheritance.

  2. They sure did enjoy your visit! Visits from children and grandchildren are the highlights of their week now. They even surpass John Wayne movies! 😉 ❤

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