I’ve been in NJ for a bit, trying to play to my strengths in helping out my parents. My strengths involve moving household things around (into other rooms) and avoiding obvious emotional displays (at all costs).

One of the truly wonderful bits of this visit has been spending many hours at a time with my “younger” siblings, who were still in grade school when I got married and moved out of the house. Now they’re young adults, either working their butts off, or in college, or both. It’s so AWESOME to be around three people who not only share my sense of humor (which is in short supply in TX) but also who are delighted to be around me for long periods of time (also in shorty supply in TX).

That’s all. I could go on and on. Basically, I’m delighted to be around a bunch of people who “get me.” Hubs is one (the best one); I wish the others lived closer but I’m glad they’re always down for a visit.



One thought on “Home”

  1. So true about the Northern humor vs. Southern. I tend to think a good retort edges out kindness very frequently but kindness always wins in SC. This makes for a great reduction in conflict but also sets the stage for even more hysterical retorts on my part. I constantly fight it for the sake of peace!

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