These dogs are the best. The “bigger” one (who weighs about 35lbs) keeps to herself at the end of the couch. The “smaller” one (weighing in at 25lbs) is the type of dog that takes up all available space nearby. If she were a human she’d be the kind that takes over the bed in the middle of the night. She’s a free space-Nazi.

The funny thing is that I I can’t help thinking of the Birth Order book sometimes when I study our dogs. Wes, the Firstborn, is very responsible. She feels that it’s her job to protect and be a doggy caretaker. Sometimes I get the impression she thinks we are dumb humans, but she takes care of us anyway. We are “her” humans.

My theory falls apart with Athena. She is nervous and clingy, but also highly entertaining. I don’t know any “babies” who are as clingy as this dog. But she’s adorable, though. She’s kind of like Buster on Arrested Development.

The cat is her own entity. The Irish would call the cat “Herself.” There’s no fixing it.

Also, she’s hiding at the moment so I have no pictures.


2 thoughts on “Dogz”

  1. Dogs are endlessly interesting. Mine has recently learned from another dog how to raid trash cans and check out the table for any available food. We dog proof the house like the 2year old human toddler years. One moment’s forgetfulness and we come in to trash all over the place. She is so cute though but I realized that we’re the ones doing the adjusting. We’re better at being trained than training.

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