I Hate Cleaning

I hate cleaning.

I used to be ANAL about it. The first few years we were married my cleaning “style” and my husband’s clashed SO badly. He’s the type that is okay with weekday clutter but commits to a deep clean for a few hours on the weekend.

I, on the other hand, am sincerely and deeply attached to the “eating an elephant” model, which basically means you tidy up as you go and thus don’t generally have to DO deep cleans.

So much frustration on my part (in the early years) when the other adult in the house REFUSED TO DO IT MY WAY!!!! Then I started working full time again and all of the sudden I was like “forget this, I’m not cleaning in the one hour I have between home-from-work and sleep!”

The only problem is that, while I was successfully weaned off my own childhood cleaning-habit-dependency I never really bought into Hubs’ style.

Now I like to just sit around between 7:30 and 9:00 p.m. and look at the layers of dust and mail and (clean) laundry and think to myself “I wonder how much of this a housekeeper would take care of?”

Then I think, “I wonder if a housekeeper would accept witty retorts and secondhand books as payment…?”

Then I think, “I could really go for some ice cream right now.”


This popped up when I did a Google search for "I Hate Cleaning" so (of course) I had to include it.
This popped up when I did a Google search for “I Hate Cleaning” so (of course) I had to include it. 



One thought on “I Hate Cleaning”

  1. I totally would hire an “Aunt Joanne” to come in at least once a week if hubs and I were both working! I gladly pay $15 dollars to have my car cleaned inside and out, as well as $32 dollars to have my oil changed and fluids checked and topped – although these too are services I can perform myself. I prefer to spend the money and have the time to enjoy other things.

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