The Far Side

I re-discovered Gary Larson the other day while searching for witty images for my “Therapy” post.

Gary Larson was one of those cartoons my sister and I used to read alongside Archie and Betty and Veronica. Totally, totally, TOTALLY different vibe, but very much a seminal literary work of my young life. It was with Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoons that my bizarre, disturbing, hilarious, geektastic humor found some roots.

We devoured this stuff. Mom used to buy Dad anthologies of Gary Larson cartoons and we would steal them immediately and hide them in our room or under piles of clean laundry so we could read (and re-read, and read for a third and fourth time) the many amazing comics within the pages.

Here are some. There are too many for me to even say these are the “good ones.” Just look it up.

far side roy dooms the earth


far side moon these saxon dogs


far side little women


far side eat like kings


far side cat fud far side anthropologists


What do you think?

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