A Blog Maintained

20130819-220231.jpgOne of the great joys of a blog maintained over many years is that it begins to behave much like a diary or journal. Although it lacks the private quality of a personal (pen and ink) journal, it marks and highlights so many important waypoints in my life that it ultimately equates to the same thing.

I was reading back over one of my old categories and realizing two things: 1) we have been through the gosh dang ringer since late 2007 – over and over again and 2) this time right now is an upswing. I need to spend a bit more time and effort recognizing and enjoying the relative ease of my life right now.

Just now, life is good. It hasn’t always been, and it won’t always be, but it is now. And that’s awesome. Just awesome. There were days when I never thought I’d ever be able to say that. Ever.



What do you think?

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