Secret Handshake

handshakesMy sister P suggested that I do a mini unit on secret handshakes during the last regular day of a the summer class I’m teaching.

Yup, teaching a summer class. This is one of those “try and see if you still feel the same way.” And I do. The students were excellent, the subject was my favorite, and I still don’t want to teach for a living.

Anyways, Sister P meant it as a joke, but I went ahead and did the collaboration/presentation mini-unit in secret handshakes and it was EXCELLENT. Lots of talking, laughing, engaging. We got to see a few few clever moves and one great back story.


It was kind of a joke but really, it was useful. It’s not something any of them would have done at the beginning of the semester. They weren’t comfortable with each other and they were REALLY bad at standing up in front of the room. But we did stuff ALLLLL semester that involved both collaboration and presentation.

And I made them tell (and defend) stories behind the secret handshake. Some creative writing, some persuasion – we did the kind of work we needed to do.

Great, great last memory.


What do you think?

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