Baby Sousing

Hubs was working with a new group a few weeks ago. One of the guys was a wise old sage who had a solution for everything. Hubs and I both really enjoyed this guy’s advice, mostly because it was so terrible.

For instance, he suggested that a surefire cure to infertility is to get into a huge fight with your partner and then have make-up relations. Boom. Biological issues solved.

So wise.

That wasn’t the best one, though. The best one was how to deal with a feverish baby. When Hubs was recounting the story I was like, “don’t tell me! It’s a hot tottie!” He gave me a funny look and then told me “kinda, but not really.”

The cure for baby-with-fever, according to wise man: bath the child in rubbing alcohol. RUBBING ALCOHOL.


One thought on “Baby Sousing”

  1. If the guy was over 65, the rubbing alcohol rub down for high fevers was a common medical practice.
    My grandmom treated colds and viruses with a small hot tottie, which worked for us children when we were little also – the short term increase in body temp killed the germs, we slept 10 hours straight, the fever broke, and we didn’t suffer for days with sore throat, headache, and lingering fever. The more modern medicine learned about how bacteria and viruses die, and why a controlled fever is beneficial, the more they understood why fever is the body’s natural defense to killing infection. Also, grandmom did not have access to the medications that are so common today – and all of her 9 children reached adulthood. I don’t know of any that were alcoholics either.
    I like listening to old sages too. Soon, hubs and I will enter that category. 😉

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