My mind was blown today, at this place:

At it, I experienced the third iteration of the same experience.

  1. I approach the women’s bathroom.
  2. I knock on the door.
  3. Silence.
  4. I try to open the door, which is locked. (Still no noise from inside.)
  5. Moments later, the door is unlocked and opened by a woman who greets me with some version of “hold your horses.”

What the heck‽ when did the appropriate response to a door knock become silence?

I wouldn’t have blogged about this except it happened THREE TIMES.


One thought on “Roadtripping”

  1. Rudeness. crudeness and total lack of any social graces all seem to be constantly on the rise. Looking for a greeting card in the “male” section of the display yesterday, I counted 4 cards about farts, 3 about poop, 3 about outhouses and toilets and 1 of bare buttocks and 1 about vomit. Never did find a simple suitable “Happy Birthday.” Little wonder that an inappropriate response of silence seems fine to people

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