On Pets, Briefly

Someone was telling me about their aging pet the other day – hips are going and incontinence is setting in. I said, “I’m so sorry” and I meant “I know this means you have to start thinking about that pet dying.” And they were so moved that I’d give a crap. Like, they started tearing up. At the time I thought that was a lot of emotion. But then I come home to my buddy:


Who greets me at the door, follows me around, plays with me, curls up with me when I’m reading, and keeps me company when Hubs is late or I’m sick in bed. Right this moment she’s quietly overseeing my blogging efforts with eyes half closed, emitting a light, approving purr.

I get it. I’m grateful she has many years on her, yet.


One thought on “On Pets, Briefly”

  1. So true as my faithful ‘nurse dog’ attends me 24/7. I still have a bit of an ache every time I think of the ‘best cat’ and a few ‘buddy’ dogs. My first ‘buddy dog’ was the one who used to run along side me for miles as my protector when I was 16, comfort me as I cried into her furry neck after a boy broke my heart or when Dad was angry with me, ran in circles with me in the back yard after a miracle I prayed for was answered, and went to her grave holding all my tender girlhood sorrows and joys.

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