The Traitor’s Summer

We come from an area with strong professional sports affiliations: Philadelphia. For us, the strongest tie is to the greatest of all football teams (ever) – the Philadelphia Eagles.
There are other teams based out of Philly. The Flyers play a pretty good game of hockey, the Phillies (baseball) have done pretty well for themselves (won a World Series a few years back), and then there’s the Sixers (basketball).
Really, with SO MANY other professional franchises in the Philly area, the Sixers always got lost in the mix for me. They’re a decent team, but football and hockey are more fun to watch on TV, and baseball is the ultimate stadium (live) experience. Dollar dog night. Need I say more?

So meh on the basketball. Lukewarm on the Sixers.
Then we moved to the San Antonio area. And after several years of no other pro sports AND a consistently winning franchise, I think I might have quietly converted somewhere along the line. Not only am I mildly interested in basketball now (newfound interest) but I’m interested in San Antonio’s team.

It’s nice to live near a team that WINS (Philly does not often win… at anything) and it’s also just nice to participate in the fandom of a nearby professional sport…20130604-215912.jpg
…But mostly the winning. Go Spurs.


One thought on “The Traitor’s Summer”

  1. It’s fun to be a winner. When you watch them play, and lift yourself just a few inches off the couch as they go for that 3 pointer and sink it, well, you’re a winner too cause you helped them sink it. šŸ˜‰

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