Three seconds ago I emailed the last paper (ever) for my Master’s degree. Crazy feeling to be done with all the work.

I’ve already read three “fun” books, just in the past week. It’s bizarre to have enough free time to do something like read for FUN at 9:30 at night. Blowing my mind a little bit.

Started this whole process almost four years ago, with copious amounts of encouragement from Hubs. His cheerleading kept me going and his support (time, money, lifestyle) made it possible to finish. Now that I’m almost done, he’s shifting gears to cheerlead for career opportunities (in some big ways).

Never, ever, EVER would have finished this without Hubs. Probably wouldn’t even have started it without him.

I’m really proud of my accomplishment but I’m more proud of my amazing husband-picking ability.


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