Must be the Mustache

Lately, Hubs has been growing out an amazing mustache. It’s thick and handsome; it extends down past his lips in a super cowboy-looking upside-down “U” shape. He’s also got some “work” sideburns going (those are work-appropriate – they do not fall below the ears). The end result is a rugged-looking strong man with a distinguished jawline. Note the “Winnfield” below. It’s like a modified Winnfield.

It’s very attractive.

The entertaining part about it is that small children also find it fascinating. Not one but two little girls (like, seven years old) have come up to tell me “your boyfriend’s HANDSOME.” I know I’ve hit the husband jackpot when even small children can’t help but compliment his awesomeness. “Out of the mouths of infants and babes…”



One thought on “Must be the Mustache”

  1. It takes a truly manly man to pull off the Winnfield. Personally I’ve never dared it myself.. too easily screwed up or turned into the Franz Josef or Friendly Mutton Chops *shudder*.

    A note on the graphic though.. “short boxed” should be “the Riker” and “goatee” should be “Mirror Universe Standard”. Really, if you’re going to mention “Klingon” you might as well go whole hog.

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