Post-30 Post: Seasons

When I was about 20 years younger, my one cousin Nickel went to fashion school and learned all kinds of awesome stuff about how to apply makeup appropriately and things. One of the awesome bonuses of the class was that me and some other cousins got to be in a home-brewed photo shoot utilizing all the skills Nickel learned. At one point, we all got a mini-lesson on “seasons” – the coloring that you look best in (eg: dark jewel tones, pastel earth tones, etc).

Each of the four colorations corresponded to a “season.” So I was a Winter, another cousin was an Autumn, Nickel might have been a Summer… I don’t remember. It was a long time ago.

You can read more about the OG seasons in the OG book Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson. I may have a copy… Here’s an example of a chick who is not an Autumn (left) but a Winter (right):

From "Colors in Bloom" blog (click image to go to blog)
On the left, a “winter’ is wearing “autumn” colors. Not working for her. On the right, she’s wearing “winter” colors. They work. She looks good.
{from “Colors in Bloom” blog (click image to go to blog)}

The thing is, I went for the next twenty years thinking I was a Winter but never really being sure, because I can wear some yellow and bright greens and those aren’t part of the traditional winter palette. Also, gold looks pretty decent on me. Also, dark grey is better than black. Also, a really light ivory works better than snow white. But none of these things work in Carole Jackson’s winter world.

But, dude. I cannot wear orange. And that is like, the trademark color of the 4-season Autumn. And delicate colors wash me out, so Spring and Summer were not really options either. Stuck with Winter. I had no option but to pick and choose what worked and ignore the rest. (Probably a good strategy for life, actually.)

Recently, as part of my “now I’m a real grown up” quest for a better more grown-up appearance, I started investigating seasons. In the interim 20 years there’s been a development in the “seasons” craze. Namely, each season got two more palettes, for a total of 12 seasons (vs the original four).

So now there’s three Winters, three Autumns, three Springs, and three Summers. A person can be a “true” season, or they can be “deep/dark” or “bright.” The “true” seasons are pretty much copies of OG seasons compiled by Carole Jackson. The other two are kinda’ self-explanatory. Upon further investigation, including taking some quizzes, I’m thinking Dark Autumn is actually a more accurate season for me than True Winter.

Here are links to quizzes; take more than one (most of them are simple). Helps if you can get some friends/family input as well. Hubs is pretty honest (and has an excellent eye, to boot), so I’m going to rope him into this sometime soon.

  • “Pretty Your World” Quiz – kinda’ convoluted (she’s bumped herself up to 16 seasons) but should give you a general idea of what season you lean toward. This site is also a good resource for learning more about the seasons. Lotsa’ good info.
  • College Fashion” algorithm – works for me because it’s based on what you already wear. “Do you look better in____ or ____? Way too general to be accurate, but helped me narrow down to two seasons.
  • “BellaSugar” quiz – skintone (helps determine “cool” or “warm”) quiz. Again, too general as a stand alone, but useful as a “more info” gatherer.
  • is the best resource for just more info. They have a lot of resources on that forum, as well. I spent plenty of time reading over stuff.

Anyways, it’s looking like Dark Autumn for me. I got the following palettes from a Google search of “old Sci/Art seasonal palettes.” Sci/Art is the name of a company that used to certify color analysts to do “drapings” of people (where they cover your upper body with different colored “seasonal” scarves to determine your season). The company got sold and it’s owned by someone else and renamed and now they sell the palettes as fans, which is useless for me since I’m never going to buy one. But the old-school palettes are useful, especially to view side-by-side so here you go:

{quick note: it was TOUGH for me to break out of 30 years of “what I’ve always worn.” I am attached to some colors, repelled by others, and desperately wanted to be “able” to wear others. All that will sway the most stalwart of color warriors. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a few opinions.}

For those of you who know me personally, what season do YOU think I am? Now that I take a side-by-side look Bright Winter is actually looking like a solid possibility…

And what about you? Where do you think you fall?

2 thoughts on “Post-30 Post: Seasons”

    1. Aargh! Phone!! Anyway… As the mother of a young daughter, I get anxiety about trying to help her figure this stuff out (WAY down the road, I hope!). So thankful, that I have knowledgeable friends and sisters that will be able to help guide her 🙂 P.S. Thirty looks awesome on you!

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